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Dr. Kenneth Shore is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Mercer County, NJ. He provides family counseling as well as individual therapy with children and adults. In addition, he provides presentations and workshops for parent and professional groups on topics such as educating/parenting children with special needs, bullying, classroom management and more.

For over 25 years, Dr. Shore worked as a psychologist and Child Study Team chairman for the Hamilton Township (NJ) Public Schools. In 2004 he was named School Psychologist of the Year in New Jersey.

Dr. Shore holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from University of Rochester and a doctorate in psychology from Rutgers University, which awarded him the Peterson Prize for outstanding contributions to professional psychology in 2001. He is the author of six books for parents and educators, some of which have been translated into Arabic, Chinese and Korean. In addition, he has written four quick-reference laminated guides, published by National Professional Resources, and developed a video series on bullying entitled The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention. He has also written numerous articles for parenting and professional publications. One of his articles for Sesame Street Parents was nominated for a national award.

Dr. Shore has appeared on CNN and PBS and has been a frequent guest on radio. He has consulted with various parenting websites and has written a column for the  He has worked for the Federal government in evaluating educational legislation and served as a consultant to the New York City Board of Education. Dr. Shore has also been a consulting psychologist to the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission. He was instrumental in developing the New Jersey YM-YWHA camp for children with learning disabilities and for many years counseled families at the North Mercer Family Consultation Center. During Dr. Shore’s many years in the public schools, he has worked with thousands of parents as well as students of all ages and characteristics.


  • Bachelor of Arts (cum laude), University of Rochester, 1971
  • Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), Rutgers University, 1981


  • School Psychologist and Chair of Child Study Team for the Hamilton (NJ) Public Schools, 1980 – 2004.
  • Psychologist for Family Court, Trenton, NJ, 2003 – 2009
  • Psychologist for NJ Juvenile Justice Commission, 1998 – 2009
  • Psychologist for North Mercer Family Consultation Ctr., Princeton, 1990 – 1996
  • Psychologist for the NJ YM-YWHA camp for children with learning disabilities
  • Researcher for the Federal government in evaluating educational legislation
  • Consulting Psychologist to the New York City Board of Education.
  • Developed an assessment system for evaluation of children experiencing school-related difficulties.


  • Named School Psychologist of the Year in New Jersey for 2004.
  • Awarded the Peterson Prize by Rutgers University for “outstanding contributions to professional psychology.”
  • Nominated for national award for article for Sesame Street Parents magazine.



  • The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention (National Professional Resources, 2005): Guest expert for set of four videos on bullying for different audiences (administrators and pupil services staff, teachers, parents and paraprofessionals). Also wrote script and helped direct video scenarios.


  • Television: Appeared on CNN and PBS series Raising Kids
  • Radio: Interviewed on numerous radio programs
  • Internet: Wrote a weekly column for the
  • Helped develop content for and web sites
  • Appeared as a guest host on parenting web sites, including Parent Soup


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