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Bullying Prevention

B ullying is a serious and pervasive problem in our schools. Research indicates that upwards of 20 percent of all students are victimized by bullies at some point in their school career. Dr. Shore gives workshops to schools and parents about this topic, and consults with schools about developing bullying prevention programs.


The Bullying Prevention Book of ListsABCs-book-video

He is the author of the books The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists,  The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention, and developed a video series of the same name that address what schools and parents can do to deal with this pressing problem.

He has also written two quick-reference guides for educators on bullying: An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention, and Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities.Bullying-Prevention-Guides

Dr. Shore is available to provide the following services related to bullying:

  • Counseling of children and teens regarding bullying
  • Consultation with parents whose children have experienced bullying
  • Consultation with schools regarding dealing with bullying incidents
  • Consultation with schools regarding developing a bullying prevention program
  • Workshop to parents or school staff on dealing with and preventing bullying



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