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Elementary school class with teacherDr. Shore is a certified school psychologist and licensed clinical psychologist. He worked for over 25 years as a psychologist in the Hamilton Township (NJ) Public Schools. He is the recipient of Rutgers University’s  Peterson Prize for “outstanding contributions to professional psychology” and was named the 2001 School Psychologist of the Year for New Jersey.

He is the author of the following books for educators: The Special Education Handbook, Special Kids Problem Solver, Elementary Teacher’s Discipline Problem Solver, and The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention.

He has also written the following quick-reference laminated guides for educators: A Teacher’s Guide to Working with Parents; An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention; Classroom Management: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

Click the links to the right to view articles for teachers written by Dr. Shore on topics such as classroom management, bullying prevention and response, communication with parents, character education, teaching English language learners, working with students with special needs.

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