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Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe: A Guide for Parents of Toddlers and Teens — and All the Years in Between

By Dr. Kenneth Shore

Today’s children are surrounded by risks and dangers virtually unheard of a generation ago. In turn, parents are faced with fears about their children’s safety that can leave many feeling utterly helpless. Keeping Kids Safe provides parents with crucial information that will alert them to the possible risks that face their children and show them what they can do to avoid those risks. It also offers essential guidance on what parents can do to protect their children and empower their children to protect themselves.

Keeping Kids Safe is the “you-can-never-be-too-safe” guide that no parent should be without. Organized in a list format, each chapter begins with facts about the safety issue, and then moves on to provide lists of causes, deterrent strategies, prevention techniques, and warning signs that parents should look for when dealing with each topic. Chapters conclude with a section featuring additional references, organizations and online resources, as well as a recommended reading list.

This is a handy reference that parents can turn to again and again for advice on safety risks that may arise at various stages of a child’s development. Topics include:

  • Choosing child care
  • After-school safety
  • Kids and gangs
  • School violence
  • Gun violence
  • Depression and teen suicide
  • Preventing sexual abuse
  • Coping with peer pressure
  • Drinking and driving
  • Substance abuse
  • Media violence
  • Safety on the Internet

Praise for Keeping Kids Safe

In ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ Kenneth Shore provides an encyclopedia of facts and tips addressing every parenting nightmare from finding high-quality child care, to safety on the Internet, to substance abuse, to gun and school violence. The empowering message is that parents not only can make a difference in their own children’s lives but can be a force for change in the broader social environment. This treasure-trove of resources and practical advice deserves a place on every family’s reference shelf.” — Barbara Alexander Pan, Ph.D., Harvard School of Education

Dr. Shore’s book is ‘Dr. Spock’ updated to deal with today’s society. What a great resource guide! Parents and teachers should keep this book by their bedside table. The section on school violence provides answers for tragedies that happen way too often in America. The whole book gives great insight into understanding your child’s feelings. Gun violence and many other problems today’s families face come uninvited into your home. This book is a must-read for any parent who thinks twice when they kiss their child goodbye in the morning.“
 — Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy

“‘Keeping Kids Safe’ is one of the best books for parents on this topic that I’ve seen. Dr. Shore writes with clarity and authority about very important issues affecting our kids, and he simply makes a lot of sense. He’s chosen interesting topics; sets the stage for the discussion very well by laying out a scenario; and then walks you through the issue clearly with solid, practical advice. Dr. Shore gives you helpful background information when appropriate, and makes suggestions for what you can do for your community as well as for your child in confronting important issues facing our families today. As a social worker I think that, while the book is intended for parents, it’s overflowing with very useful information for professionals working with parents and kids.”
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