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The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention

The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach

By Dr. Kenneth Shore

In the book The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention (National Professional Resources, 2011), school psychologist and therapist Dr. Kenneth Shore examines the often devastating societal problem of bullying in our nation’s schools.

In order to make meaningful and lasting progress in preventing incidents of bullying, schools need to implement school-wide anti-bullying programs in which staff, students and parents are all committed participants. This type of wide-ranging bullying prevention program, which addresses school climate and culture, has been found to be most effective way of significantly reducing school bullying, making schools safer for all children.


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The book consists of nine chapters, organized as follows:

  1. Bullying: An Overview (understanding bullying; forms of bullying; effects of bullying; bullying myths; signs of bullying; understanding the bully, the victim, and the bystander),
  2. Cyberbullying (new to the 2011 revised edition)
  3. A comprehensive program to prevent bullying (step-by-step guidance on building an effective program)
  4. The roles of the school administrator
  5. The role of the teacher
  6. The role of the paraprofessional or teacher aide
  7. The role of the parents
  8. Bullying: A Call to Action
  9. Bullying Resources
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The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Training DVD

The book can be used on its own or in conjunction with the professional development video, The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention.

This 141-minute DVD consists of four segments, each addressing a different stakeholder group: teachers, administrators, paraprofessional/support staff, and parents.

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Praise for The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention

Ken Shore provides one of the most comprehensive bullying prevention programs available on the market today.” – Dr. Michele Borba, Author of Building Moral Intelligence


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