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The Parents’ Public School Handbook

The Parents’ Public School Handbook: How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Education, from Kindergarten Through Middle School

By Dr. Kenneth Shore

The Parents’ Public School Handbook is a concise, practical, hands-on guide to the public school system and an invaluable resource for concerned parents everywhere. Dr. Kenneth Shore, an education professional who is also a parent, explains how the system works and provides expert advice on how to negotiate this system.

Parents will learn to

  • Evaluate their child’s school
  • Advocate for school change when warranted
  • Understand “teacher-speak”
  • Make the most of the parent/teacher partnership
  • Make sense of standardized tests
  • Be their child’s educational ally
  • Nurture learning at home
  • Deal with learning, behavior or motivation problems
  • When to intervene—and when to leave well enough alone

Published by: Simon & Schuster (1994)
ISBN: 9780671794989

Praise for The Parents’ Public School Handbook

” . . . a most useful tool for helping parents become powerful agents in the educational development of their children.”
 — James P. Comer, M.D., Maurice Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale Child Study Center; Associate Dean, Yale University School of Medicine

This comprehensive volume offers a true gold mine of practical advice and information for those parents who appreciate that their own involvement is needed if their children are to reach their full potential in their journey through school.“
 — Dr. Louise Bates Ames, Associate Director of the Gesell Institute of Human Development; Associate Professor, Yale University

This handbook is a knowledgeable primer by an experienced educator for concerned parents on what parents can expect from the schools, from their children, and from themselves.”
 — Dr. Dorothy Rich, founder and president of the Home and School Institute and author of MegaSkills: How Families Can Help Children Succeed in School and Beyond



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