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Dr. Shore offers the following services:

Psychological Evaluation: Dr. Shore conducts psychological and educational evaluations of children and teens with school-related problems as well as cognitive testing to identify gifted students and those who need accommodations in school or college.

Therapy and Counseling: Dr. Shore provides therapy to children, teens, adults and families. He uses a solution-focused approach by helping clients develop new, more effective ways of coping with the challenges they are facing. He provides these services in a caring, empathetic manner, with sensitivity to issues of confidentiality and ethical concerns.

Consultation: Dr. Shore is available to consult with parents and schools about a range of issues relating to children and teens. His goal is to help parents and school staff become more skilled and confident in responding to children’s needs.

Bullying Prevention: Dr. Shore provides counseling to children and parents related to bullying. In addition, he offers workshops to parents and educators and assists schools in the development of bullying prevention programs.

Workshops: Dr. Shore is available to speak to parent and school groups on a range of topics. Sample topics are listed.

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Phone: (609) 371-1767
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